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Introduction to Taihe Entertainment Group 



Taihe Entertainment Group(TEG) is a new-type entertainment group which cultivates high-quality film and television content and utilizes innovative technologies to empower the entertainment industry. TEG has been deeply engaged in the film and television industry for 20 years.




I. A Creator of Quality Film and Television Content



Being true to the business philosophy of “Taihe Produces Only the Best”, TEG has invested in nearly 100 films and TV works. How to seize important film scheduling periods to contribute high-quality entertainment content is the direction of TEG. Over the past three years, the movies produced by TEG have yielded fruitful investment returns and garnered good reputation in major scheduling perids such as the Chinese New Year and the Summer Vacation, among others. TEG’s signature work Kung-Fu Yoga won a box office of CNY 1.7 Billion (USD 246.6 Million), becoming the champion of the Spring Festival Scheduling Period in 2017. In 2018, Forever Young produced by TEG won a box office of CNY 700 Million (USD101.6 Million), a blast in the reputation of the Chinese New Year Scheduling Period in 2018. In the summer of 2019, My Best Summer produced by TEG won a box office of CNY 400 Million (USD 58.0 Million), the highest box office for youth films in the Chinese film market.



Since 1999, Taihe has cooperated with a wide range of excellent directors, writers, actors, actresses and other major creators. Taihe has been discovering young talents. The Sun Also Rises, a work of Jiang Wen’s produced by TEG, won many awards at Venice International Film Festival, Chinese Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards and Tokyo International Film Festival. In recent years, TEG has continuously invested in Deep in the Heart and Wrath in Silence written and directed by young director Xin Yukun, and Kaili Blues and Long Day’s Journey into Night written and directed Bi Gan, also a noteable young talent. TEG has not only had rich experience in supporting the growth of young film talents, but also accumulated considerable experience in the investment and marketing of arthouse films.




In addition, TEG has a deep understanding of the integration of Chinese and foreign film industries. TEG has in-depth cooperation with 20th Century Fox Film, Universal Pictures, Legendary Pictures, Sony Pictures, Paramount Picture, H. BROTHERS, Bona Group, Tencent Pictures and other internationally well-known film enterprises, having launched many quality films outside China, such as Warcraft, The Invisible Guest, Mirage, Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s Treasure Island, SNOWTIME!, and others. With years of operation experience of quality projects, TEG has produced films with returns on investment far beyond the average level of the industry, and achieved good social benefits, making it the leading content production organization in China. In the future, by grasping major scheduling periods and quality resources in China and overseas, TEG will focus on discovering and polishing more popular film and television projects, such as family, youth, action, etc., so as to produce more top-quality content, strengthen its international cooperation, facilitate “the orientalization” of quality foreign films and create a global content matrix.





II. A Practitioner Utilizing Innovation to Empower Distribution



TEG continues to deepen its data capabilities to empower its marketing and distribution. By 2019, it has served nearly 80 films and accumulated a large amount of data on distribution and user viewing. TEG has a full understanding of the Chinese film market and consumer behaviors. With the changes of the film market and the communication channels, TEG has continuously matched new marketing platforms to film projects, innovated on marketing strategies, and continuously established more accurate information channels between film projects and audiences, so as to effectively facilitate films to obtain higher box offices.



In recent years, TEG has participated in the marketing and distribution of such top projects as Kung-Fu Yoga, Forever Young and Operation Red Sea. TEG has created many overseas movie blockbusters, such as The Invisible Guest, Andhadhun and Mirage. TEG has also been deeply engaged in the field of animation, providing promotion and publicity services for Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s Treasure Island, Crayon Shinchan: Invasion!! Alien Shiriri, Thomas and Friends, Peter Rabbit, Gintama and others.



Based on its efficient and innovative distribution service capabilities, TEG has become one of Hollywood’s top six multiple-time film distributors. TEG has served films such as Alita: Battle Angel, Maze Runner: The Death Cure, Bohemian Rhapsody and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Meanwhile, it is also among a small number of domestic film agencies that can provide promotion and publicity services for top domestic films. TEG is committed to providing precision marketing and distribution services for films from the sources of the projects. Through new technological applications and new channels, TEG enhances the promotion and publicity efficiency of film projects.




III. A Leader Utilizing Science and Technology to Serve Cinemas



In the field of cinema services, TEG has a large-scale business with its evolving data analysis and technical capabilities. At present, TEG has been serving 4,000 cinemas, covering over 40% of Chinese cinema market. The cinema e-commerce platform serves over 5 million cinema members, all of who are “super members” with high viewing frequencies. The service capabilities of the cinema e-commerce platform are highly praised and relied on by cinemas and member users.



With years of accumulated operational services, TEG can provide more detailed operational data analysis for single cinemas and similar cinemas and outline the images of consumers. TEG provides more regional and individual data. Based on this, it can formulate targeted operational strategies for individual cinemas and provide personalized and intelligent technical services.



Through in-depth links with the cinema end, TEG has also made more attempts to connect with the commercializing brands, creating more revenue channels for cinemas. Meanwhile, we will soon put into use the unmanned cinema management technology with key R&D. Using our advanced scientific and technological capabilities and management level to create an efficient cinema management system, we have been expanding the profitability of the Group by utilizing its own data and technologies.


展望未來,太合娛樂還將推進全球化的制作與發行合作,持續拓展利用新科技在新型內容與跨界變現上的探索。太合娛樂將不斷整合優化電影產業鏈各單一環節,打造全產業鏈高效服務的 “電影+”集團。

Looking into the future, TEG will also advance global production and distribution cooperation, continue its explorations in applying new technologies to new-type content and cross-sector profit-generation. TEG will continue to integrate and optimize various single links of the film industry chain, so as to create a “film+” group with efficient services throughout the industry chain.



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